this past week…week two

Hmph. Well, I sat down to start writing this post, and found that I’m just not in the mood. So I’m just not going to do it. It’s not that it was a bad week–in fact, it had some rather wonderful times. Tuesday was our 25th wedding anniversary, and we had a lovely day of fun together–antiquing and eating at El Jimador and listening to our current read together and watching an episode of Columbo–completely relaxing day with my absolute favorite person in the world. And Thursday, we picked up Eva and Thistle and went for another walk at Gosnell Big Woods Preserve and then came back here for supper and hanging out. And Friday, Rich and I met Maryann and Dale for lunch and had a lovely time catching up. I didn’t seem to accomplish much in either the media-consuming realms or the crafting/DIY realms. Finished watching Rosemary & Thyme and got the first coat of trim done in Max’s room, but that’s really about it. Didn’t finish a single book this week, though I dipped into several. Rich and the kiddos headed to visit Rich’s mom Friday, and I’d hoped to accomplish mountains of things while they were gone, but my illnesses had other ideas. Fibro, IBS, even my rosacea were acting up. And I had headaches all weekend to boot. Now none of those were at their worst by any means, but still they pretty much left me feeling uncomfortable and drained and without motivation to push through. So I decided it was better to just write the days off. I had a very needy, elderly kitty who really needed me anyway. Hopefully next week will find me accomplishing more, but if not….oh well.




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