in the craft room: already the panic sets in

If I counted correctly, Christmas is a mere 16 weeks away. Why do I let this happen every damn year?!! It’s so easy to say, “Oh there’s plenty of time to get all your Christmas gifts made” back in January and February and March. And apparently in June and July and August too. But now here it is September and the seeds of panic are sprouting! How the hell am I ever going to get my entire list done?!! The honest answer is, “I’m not.” And it definitely does not help that I’ve put so many big (as in mega-time-consuming) projects on the list this year. It’s obviously time to get organized and reassess what might realistically be accomplished.

In the meantime, these are the two projects I’ve been focused on the last two weeks. Both gifts. Both coming along…but at way too slow a pace.


Lots of granny squares made. But if my math skills didn’t fail me, I figure I need slightly more than 500 of these little critters. Loooong way to go.


And I love that I’m starting to see the picture come alive here, but oh my. Progress in a large cross-stitch project comes so slowly, and I’ve got oh-so-far to go.

Goals for the next two weeks:

*reassess, organize, and schedule list of gift projects

*50 granny squares

*20 hours work on cross-stitch picture

*make 2 small gifts


2 thoughts on “in the craft room: already the panic sets in

  1. That little bear peeking out is so adorable!!! I really need to pull out that cross stitch sampler kit I have, especially since knitting is just making me more cranky about our current weather.

    That’s insane that you’re not only making 500 granny squares but then JOINING them all. As a gift. You are so generous! I hope the stress doesn’t overcome the fun of crafting for you though.


  2. I agree, I smile every time I look at that bear. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the weather putting a damper on the yarn projects! The little granny squares aren’t bad, but I can’t bear the thought of working on the sweater I’m making Annie or on the big afghan I’m making for our bed. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Go away already, you damn heat and humidity! 😛

    Maybe you wouldn’t consider me so generous if you knew this granny square afghan is for Rich. 😉


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