in the kitchen: getting back in the swing of things

Summer always seems to throw meal planning into the trash. Between never knowing ahead of time when it’s going to be too hot to use the oven or boil water for pasta, etc. and the slightly more free and spontaneous way our afternoons can go, it just gets harder to plan.

But back-to-school time means the return of a more routine sort of week. I made a menu plan last week, and shockingly, we managed to stick with it every. single. day. That may be a first! Seriously, there always seems to be a day or two, or occasionally, most of them, where things come up, and I have to rearrange or completely change things up. But even when that happens, I find life so much easier to have a menu plan at least as a jumping off point.

So what’s in store for the coming week…

Breakfast. It used to be that the kids made due with cereal most days. But since Max gets on the bus shortly before 7:00 and this year doesn’t have lunch until 12:30, I’m trying to make him more slightly more substantial breakfasts. I’m not really going to plan breakfasts, but instead have a list of things that I can quickly throw together for him. (And Rich and Annie, if they want–they’re not big breakfast people.) And then do it all over an hour later when Gray has breakfast. 😉  Bacon, eggs, muffins, fruit salad, batches of pancakes/waffles/French toast in the freezer, that sort of thing.


Monday: Gazpacho.

Rest of week: Max usually takes pretty much the same thing–a bagel sandwich, fruit salad (or a piece of fruit), and some baked goodie. I still have a batch of brownies, so I don’t need to bake anything for lunches this week. Annie and Rich will be starting back to school this coming week. They take their lunches as well. But because we’re in this awful unseasonable heat wave, I won’t be cooking up batches of food for them. Instead, I’ll pack Annie shin cups (she’d live on them if we let her!) or pb&j sandwiches on toasted waffles plus fruit and yogurt and brownies. Rich will have sandwiches or crackers and sardines plus fruit and celery and brownies. Gray loves his junk food for lunch–frozen pizzas, faux chicken sandwiches, spaghettios. :/  I most often eat leftovers.


Sunday: steak on the grill (for the omnivores), baked potatoes, big ass salad, watermelon, and cranberry bars (new recipe)

*Eva will be here. And possibly Kirsten and Maribel.

Monday: burgers (for Rich and Max) and veggie burgers (for the rest of us) on the grill, beans

Tuesday: pan-fried kielbasa (for Rich and Max), lemon baked potatoes (new recipe), broccoli, peach muffins (new recipe)

Wednesday: Arizona slop, corn muffins

Thursday: mac and cheese bake, cantaloupe, homemade rolls, green beans, rice pudding (new recipe)

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: grilled cheese on homemade bread, soup

The weather is supposed to remain too. damn. hot. for most of the week, so we’ll see how it goes…


2 thoughts on “in the kitchen: getting back in the swing of things

  1. These posts always make me SO HUNGRY :p And I’m always amazed at all of the cooking you do too!! PB&J on waffles…that is the best idea EVER. Totally trying that out. And I have to ask, what are shin cups? I’ve never heard of that before! Also, lemon baked potatoes…totally intrigued by that too! Sounds like a good week in food 🙂


  2. LOL! The kids totally love PB&J on toaster waffles–and they’re great for packing in lunches because they don’t get as soggy as bread. Shin cups are a kind of Asian spicy noodle cup–Annie LOVES them! What are you eating this week? asks Ms. Nosy. 🙂


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