just scrap it: perhaps I should just scrap this post…

I’m glad I made myself a monthly blogging schedule to help me keep my diary somewhat organized. And I’m glad I included two “just scrap it” posts a month as it seems to be keeping motivated to print photos and throw together our Project Life layouts. We really love looking back through these just to see what we were up to in the past.

At the same time, it seems silly to do these posts. Especially during these next few months when there are so many other things demanding my attention (like homeschooling and gift-making). During periods like this, my Project Life layouts, when they happen at all, tend to be extremely simple. As in, I’m thankful to just print photos and add the date.

Oh well.

Here are our last two weeks in pocket pages:



So yes, I technically did meet my goal of two layouts.

And yes, two layouts is all I’m going to hope to achieve in the next two weeks. Probably looking much like these two. 😉


just scrap it…


Back in the spring, I set myself a big goal with a reward when I finally met it: I would get to splurge and buy myself some fun new products when I completed 100 layouts. Sadly, I’ve no idea how far I’ve come…I just sort of forgot to keep track at some point along the way. If I had to guess, I probably got about halfway. But guessing doesn’t count, so I’m just going to start over. I’m okay with that. I’ve got soooo many things I’d like to get used up anyway.


I did quite a bit of scrapbooking early in the summer. But by mid-July, other interests and responsibilities just crowded it out. I’d love to get back to it, even if it’s only putting together Project Life-like layouts most of the time. I probably won’t meet that 100 layout goal by the end of the year, but it would be awesome if I met it before the start of next summer. I’m going to try to keep track here on my blog (of course, I said that before too 😛 ).


These are a handful of the ones I did in early summer.




Goal for the next two weeks:

*2 layouts