our million and one

The story of this list is here.

1. Watch all three seasons of Veronica Mars. (finished November 30th, 2013)

2. Read Joyland. (finished October 12th, 2013)

3. Bottle beer. (September 6, 2014)

4. Go to Mood.

5. Hike more of the Appalachian Trail.

6. Go wilderness camping.

7. Watch The Sopranos.

8. Make love in Baker Bay. (September 28, 2013)

9. Each chili and watch football.

10. Read Under the Dome.

11. Finally finish watching The Wire.

12. Skinny dip in the ocean.

13. Visit England and meet Ana.

14. Roll down a really big hill.

15. Read A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

16. Watch Once Upon a Time.

17. Go to the Sonoran desert.

18. Finally see a moose in the wild.

19. Watch Little Miss Sunshine.

20. Drink champagne under the stars. (August 2015)


21. Rewatch all the seasons of House.

22. Read all the Harry Potter books.

23. Watch all the Harry Potter movies.

24. Do it on the beach.

25. Visit the Pacific Northwest.

26. Read Insomnia.

27. Watch the Monty Python movies.

28. Get our post-coital pictures in all 50 states.

(States done: New Jersey)

29. Go snorkeling.

30. Make fondue.

31. Drink a beer brewed in each of the 50 states.

NY–Beast Bitter, Middle Ages Brewing Company (9/6/13)


VT–Copper Ale, Otter Creek Brewing (9/7/13)


DE–60 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head Brewing(9/20/13)


PA–Mad Anthony’s Ale, Erie Brewing Company (9/27/13)


ME–Chamberlain Pale Ale, Shipyard Brewing Company (9/30/13)


UT–Wyld Extra Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing Company (10/23/13)


MD–In Heat Wheat, Flying Dog Brewing (10/25/13)


IL–Goose Island Extra Special Bitter, Goose Island Beer Co. (11/15/13)


WI–Hoppin’ Helles, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company.


TX–Shiner Bock, Spoetzl Brewery


CA–Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company


CO–Avalanche Ale, Breckinridge Brewery


NJ–OktoberFish, Flying Fish Brewery


SC–One Claw Rye Pale Ale, Westbrook Brewing Company


NE–Cardinal Pale Ale, Nebraska Brewing Company

nebraska beer june 27

OK–Prairie Standard, Prairie Artisan Ales


OH–Burning River Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Company


NH–Hayseed, Smuttynose Brewing Company


CT–Onward APA, Half Full Brewery


32. Rewatch Scotland PA.

33. Read The Passage. (September 2015)

34. Read The Twelve.

35. Rewatch The Stand. (August 2015)

36. Get a camper van.

37. Go to Costa Rica.

38. Rewatch all the seasons of Homicide.

39. Camp out in the backyard.

40. Do the entire Natchez Trace.

41. Hike some of the Pacific Crest Trail.

42.-78. Private entries.

79. See a pelican in the wild.

80. Visit Savannah, GA.

81. Rewatch all the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes.

82. Watch all the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

83. Watch all the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes.

84. Watch all the Star Trek: Voyager episodes.

85. Watch all the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes.

86. Watch all the Star Trek movies.

87. Eat at an Ethiopian restaurant.

88. Eat at an Indian restaurant. (9/10/13–Tandoor Flame)

89. Eat at a Chinese restaurant.

90. Eat at a Thai restaurant.

91. Eat at a Vietnamese restaurant.

92. Eat at an Italian restaurant.

93. Eat at a Greek restaurant.

94. Eat at a Korean restaurant.

95. Eat at a Mexican restaurant. (9/6/13–El Jimador)


96. Eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

97. Eat at a Brazilian restaurant.

98. Eat at a Caribbean restaurant.

99. Eat at a diner. (7/10/15–Scottsville Diner)


100. Eat at a barbecue joint. (August 14, 2015)


101. Watch Battlestar Galactica.

102. Go to the Okefenokee Swamp.

103. Go to the Everglades.

104. Have a snowball fight.

105. Find our North Woods cabin–to rent if we can’t actually buy.

106. Walk hand-in-hand on a tropical beach.

107. Ride a ferry.

108. Go through the Lincoln Tunnel.

109. Go sledding.

110. Spend a night in a really nice hotel–just for the heck of it.

111. Go to Churchill, MB on a polar bear tour.

112. Drink a beer from 50 different countries.

113. Visit Yellowstone.

114. Rewatch Lake Placid.

115. Spend a day watching disaster days and eating snacks.

116. Watch Heist.

117. Rewatch all the David Attenborough mini-series.

118. Go to Madagascar.

119. Spend a day watching silly animal horror movies and eating snacks.

120. Finish watching Doctor Who seasons.

121. Go to New Zealand.

122. Go to Australia.

123. Go to Morocco.

124. Watch all the seasons of The Simpsons.

125. Take a long bike ride along the Erie Canal.

126. Watch Quincy ME–if we can stand it. 😛

127. Go to Yosemite.

128. Go back to Toronto.

129. Go back to Algonquin Provincial Park.

130. See a rattlesnake in the wild.

131. Go to Acadia National Park.

132. Try every type of Dean’s Beans.

Arctic Sunrise (7/9/15)


133. Go back to New Orleans.

134. Go to Arches National Park.

135. Go to Nova Scotia.

136. Read the “Death” Discworld books.

137. Read the “Witches” Discworld books.

138. Read the “Wee Free Men” Discworld books.

139. Read Small Gods.

140. Read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.

141. Go to Denali National Park.

142. Go to the Grand Canyon.

143. Go to Saguaro National Park.

144. Go to Hot Springs National Park.

145. Go to Death Valley.

146. Go to Joshua Tree National Park.

147. Go to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

148. Go to Redwood National Park.

149. Make the ultimate fuck playlist.

150. Go to Sequoia National Park.

151. Go to Great Sand Dunes National Park.

152. Go to Mesa Verde National Park.

153. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park.

154. Go to Isle Royale National Park.

155. Go to Voyageurs National Park.

156. Go to Glacier National Park–preferably while there’s still glaciers to see. 😦

157. Go to Carlsbad Caverns.

158. Rewatch all the Dirty Harry movies.

159. Go to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

160. Go back to Cleveland, OH.

161. Go back to Cleveland, TN.

162. Go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

163. Go to Crater Lake National Park.

164. Go back to the Badlands.

165. Drive Skyline Drive again.

166. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway.

167. Go to Big Bend National Park.

168. Go back to Wind Cave.

169. Go to Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

170. Go to Canyonlands National Park.

171. Go to Zion National Park.

172. Go to Rainier National Park.

173. Go to North Cascades National Park.

174. Go to Olympic National Park.

175. Go to Grand Teton National Park.

176. See capybaras in the wild.

177. Go to Brazil.

178. Go to Vancouver, BC.

179. Go to an Amerks game.

180. See a movie in a theater.

181. Go to the San Diego Zoo.

182. See a play.

183. Go to the George Eastman House.

184. Go to the Lilac Festival. (5/9/15)


185. Go back to Mount Hope Cemetery. (7/3/15)


186. Go back to Longwood Gardens.

187. Go to the Memorial Art Gallery.

188. Go to the Greentopia Festival.

189. Go to the Antiquarian Book show/sale. (9/7/13)

190. Read Neverwhere. (finished 7/9/15)


191. See puffins in the wild.

192. Visit a British pub.

193. Go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

194. Go to the Philadelphia Zoo.

195. Try the Distillery.

196. Go to Scotland.

197. Visit Chris.

198. Visit Kim and Dan.

199. Visit Bill and Deborah.

200. Visit Aaron and Kara.

201. See a wombat in the wild.

202. Volunteer at the Elephant Refuge in Thailand.

203. Go to Kennedy’s bog. (9/13/13)

204. Go to an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes show.

205. Spend a long lazy afternoon reading in Ellison Park.

206. Read The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

207. Stay at a bed and breakfast.

208. Go skiiing.

209. Go out for frozen yogurt.

210. Have a coffee at Javas. (9/7/13)

211. Have a coffee at Boulder Coffee Company. (7/3/15)


212. Have a coffee at Muddy Waters.

213. Have beignets and cafe au lait in New Orleans again.

214. Visit every branch of the Monroe County Library system.

*Fairport Public Library (July 2014)

*Winton Public Library (July 28, 2014)

*Henrietta Public Library (July 31, 2014)

*Ogden Farmers Library (August 1, 2014)


*Webster Public Library (June, 2014)


*Scottsville Library (7/10/15)


*Mendon Public Library (8/14/15)


215. Eat at Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria.

216. Go to the Ecuadorian rain forest. Maybe with Eva.

217. Run a 5K.

218. Go on a shopping spree at Lisa’s Liquor Barn.

219. Do the Freedom Trail in Boston area.

220. Tour the Samuel Adams Brewery.

221. Eat at the Empire Brewing Company Restaurant and Brewery in Syracuse.

222. Go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

223.-235. Private entries.

235. Visit the New England Aquarium.

236. Visit the Public Garden in Boston.

237. Go to MOMA.

238. Go to the Buffalo Zoo.

239. Go to the Rosamund Gifford Zoo (Syracuse).

240. Check out The Barn Owl. (October 5, 2013)


241. Check out that science store in Penfield.

242. Check out Wild Birds in Webster.

243. Go birding on Presque Isle.

244. Go apple picking again.

245. Feed the chickadees at Birdsong Trail again.

246. Read A Sand County Almanac.

247. Read Kesterwood.

248. See the Southern Cross.

249. Watch Boston Legal.

250. Rewatch L.A. Law.

251. Drive the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

252. Take pictures of our feet in each of the Great Lakes.

253. Go to the Body Exhibit.

254. Go kayaking.

255. Try The Pour House.

256. Eat at a deli. (7/3/15–Pelligrinos)


257. Try ever type of burger at Lindburgers between the two of us.

258. Build our pipe headboard.

259. Take a long drive looking at Christmas lights and stop for coffee/chai/hot chocolate afterward.

260. Go to the Maldives–while we still can.

261. Have a 48-hour read-a-thon, with no chores, etc. interrupting. (August 2015)

262. Make Christmas ornaments.

263. Watch Jericho.

264. Stay at the South Hill Lodge for at least a few days. (August 24th-28th)


265. Watch all Columbo episodes.

266. Watch all the Columbo movies.

267. Spend a lazy couple hours eating chips and salsa and drinking frozen margaritas, while reading to each other in bed.

268. Go to Watkins Glen.

269. Have a Twin Peaks style donut spread. (August 23, 2014)


270. Rewatch Napoleon Dynamite.

271. Read The Shining. (August 2014)

272. Read Dr. Sleep. (February 2015)

273. Go to Letchworth State Park.

274. Visit the Thousand Islands.

275. Camp in the Adirondacks–either tent or cabin.

276. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace.

277. Drive the Lake Champlain By-Way.

278. Visit Forest Lawn Cemetery (Buffalo).

279. Visit the Albright-Knox Gallery (Buffalo.)

280. Visit the Buffalo and Erie Country Botanical Gardens.

281. Visit the Burchfield Penney Art Center (Buffalo).

282. Walk the ground of the Buffalo Psychiatric Center.

283. Watch The Lorax.

284. Hike up Mount Jo (Lake Placid).

285. Hike the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails (Lake Placid).

286. Play miniature golf.

287. Watch Firefly.

288. Watch all Avatar: The Last Airbender seasons.

289. Ride a carousel.

290. Ride a ferris wheel.

291. Snuggle under the flannel quilt I’m making in front of the fireplace.

292. Rewatch The Breakfast Club.

293. Have a Die Hard marathon.

294. Ride a bicycle built for two.

295. Watch Six Feet Under.

296. Eat a meal made of only things we’ve grown ourselves.

297. Finish rewatching Twin Peaks.

298. Rewatch Northern Exposure.

299. Rewatch Picket Fences.

300. Go back to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

301.-310. Private entries.

–309. completed on 10/11/13

311. Visit the American Art Museum (Smithsonian).

312. Visit the American History Museum (Smithsonian).

313. Visit the American Indian Museum (Smithsonian).

314. Visit the Freer Gallery of Art (Smithsonian).

315. Visit the African American History and Culture Museum (Smithsonian).

316. Visit the African Art Museum (Smithsonian).

317. Visit the Hirshhorn Museum and Scultpture Garden (Smithsonian).

318. Visit the Natural History Museum (Smithsonian).

319. Visit Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian).

320. Visit the National Zoo.

321. Visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

322. Walk at the National Mall.

323. Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

324. Visit the National Museum of Crime and Punishment.

325. Visit the United States Botanic Garden.

326. Rewatch A Nightmare Before Christmas.

327. Go through a haunted house.

328. Go on a hayride.

329. Watch Dexter.

330. Feed each other 25 different kinds of cheese.

331. Rewatch Harold and Maude.

332. Watch Hannibal (show).

333. Play croquet.

334. Play bocce. (7/4/15)


335. Have a Hitchcock movie marathon.

336. Have another Hitchcock movie marathon with different movies.

337. Go to a drive-in.

338. Read Lord of the Rings.

339. Watch Parks and Recreation.

340. Watch The West Wing.

341. Watch NCIS.

342. Try 20 new mixed drinks together.

343. Go to Avery Island.

344. Rewatch Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

345. Go whale watching.

346. Watch Pan’s Labyrinth.

347. Rewatch Batman: The Movie.

348. Fly a kite.

349. Have a LOTR movie marathon.

350. Take pictures of our feet in each of the Finger Lakes.

351. Take pictures of our feet in Lake Champlain, Lake Ponchatrain, the Great Salt Lake, Lake Meade, Lake Okachobee, Crater Lake, Reelfoot Lake, Lake George, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Placid.

352. Go to Fairport Brewing and fill up our growlers.

353. Start beekeeping.

354. Help with a Habitat for Humanity house.

355. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

356. Go to the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (Syracuse).

357. Watch the original S.W.A.T. series with Max.

358. Go to Beaver Lake Nature Center (Baldwinsville, NY).

359. Visit Pratt’s Falls Park (Manlius, NY).

360. Go back to Ithaca.

361. Visit 50 used book stores.

1. Bookends in Henrietta, NY (July 30, 2014)


2. Paperback Place in Canandaigua (August 25, 2015)


362. Visit Clark Reservation State Park (near Syracuse).

363. Revisit Cornell Plantations.

364. Revisit Sapsucker Woods.

365. Visit Spring Pond Bog Reserve (Adirondacks).

366. Visit Beaver Lake Nature Center (Baldwinsville, NY).

367. Visit Derby Hill Bird Observatory in the spring (Mexico, NY).

368. Visit Great Swamp Conservancy (Canastota, NY).

369. Visit Labrador Hollow Unique Area (Tully and Truxton, NY).

370. Lime Hollow Center for Environment and Culture (Cortland, NY).

371. Visit Montezuma Wetlands Complex (Seneca Falls, NY).

372. Visit Pharsalia Wildlife Management Area (South Otselic, NY).

373. Visit Rome Sand Plain Resource Management Area (Rome, NY).

374. Visit Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

375. Visit Allegany State Park (Salamanca, NY).

376. Visit Buckhorn Island State Park (Niagara, NY).

377. Visit all the Canadian provinces and territories.

378. See the Northern Lights.

379. Walk the Ancestor’s Trail (U.K.).

380. Visit Skara Brae (Scotland).

381. Visit Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania).

382. Visit a volcano.

383. Visit Block Island National Wildlife Refuge (R.I.).

384. Walk the Newport Cliff Walk (Newport, R.I.).

385. Visit Merck Forest & Farmland Center (VT).

386. Walk Marginal Way (Ogunquit, ME).

387. Visit Madison Brewing Company–restaurant and craft beer sampler platter (Bennington, VT).

388. Visit King Arthur Baker’s Store (Norwich, VT).

389. Drive the Mad River Byway (VT).

390. Visit the five covered bridges of Northfield, VT.

391. Visit the Three-Penny Tap Room (Montpelier, VT).

392. Visit The Path of Life public sculpture garden (Windsor, VT).

393. Visit ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center (Burlington, VT).

394. Visit Weston, VT.

395. Drive the Lake Willoughby Scenic Drive (VT).

396. Watch the sun set from the top of Equinox Mountain (near Sunderland, VT).

397. Build a blanket fort outside and spend the whole day and night hanging out/sleeping there.

398. Carve our initials in a dead tree.

399. Take a photo booth photo.

400. Make a homemade pizza together.

401. Paint a room in the house together.

402. Catch fireflies.

403. Take a trip on a train with sleeper cars.

404. Take the Charles Darwin Walk through the Blue Mountains of Australia.

405. Go to Lisbon, Portugal to see Bordalo II’s art in person.

406. See a prothonotary warbler in the wild.

407. Visit a Louisiana bayou.

408. Visit Fort Morgan, Alabama banding station during spring songbird migration (first two weeks of April).

409. Visit Yaqui Well, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California during spring migration (last two weeks of April and first week of May).

410. Visit Point Pelee National Park of Canada for spring migration (early to mid-May).

411. Shangri La beneath a summer moon.

412. Do the Connecticut Beer Trail.

413. Go to Lost Borough Brewing.

414. Go to the antique store in Webster.

415. Visit Point Reyes National Seashore (California).


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